Distributor Case Study

Springboard Wine Company is one of the fastest growing wine distributors in California. Managing orders, adding new products and disseminating constantly changing inventory and prices to seventeen reps was labor intensive for office staff.

Orderoso integrated with Springboard’s Salesforce.com instance to create an automated, transparent pipeline from sale to shipping. The result? A dramatic reduction in labor and error costs and a 216% return on investment.

In the first week, Orderoso cut call volume from sales reps to the order desk in half.

That’s the average number of hours Orderoso saves Springboard’s reps and office staff each month by reducing phone calls and order transcription and making it really, really easy to distribute product data and place accurate orders.

Springboard calculated a 216% ROI based on the 103 hours of labor required to place orders, fulfill information requests and the number of mis-shipped cases of wine before and after Orderoso.

Much harder to calculate in such a rapidly growing company are the positive affects on sales and account relations.

"Your Business Will Prosper"

Chloe Beard
Founder & Operations
Springboard Wine Company

"Orderoso is easy to use and intuitive for my sales team, which means user adoption is high and continues to increase as Orderoso rolls out feature after feature.

More importantly, my support team is thrilled with the reduction in call volume to our office, increased order accuracy, minimal change to our current workflow and outstanding support from Orderoso when we need it.  I would highly recommend the investment in this exceptional app, your team will love you for it and your business will prosper."