3-Tier Marketing Management

Distribute the collateral that drives your brand story, query granular sales data and gain valuable insight into your product performance, in real time.

Media Distribution

Curate digital catalogs that unify your marketing message for both inside and outside sales teams. Upload and manage video, photography and pdfs with ease.

Invite your wholesalers to the platform and provide them with rich media catalogs, free of charge. They utilize our free tools for sales reps, you get a consistent brand message.

Win, win.

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Real-Time Sales Intelligence

View and search live sales as they occur across distributors down to the customer. Our sample tracking, presentation reports and product survey results provide insight into what didn't sell and why.

Aggregation of on-platform wholesaler sales reports is effortless. Orders from off-platform wholesalers can be imported to complete the picture.

Features & Pricing


$ 0

  • Basic Live Sales Reporting
  • Unlimited Wholesalers/Brokers


$ 200

  • Premium Live Sales Reporting
  • Up to 20 Wholesalers




Media Distribution

Create & Distribute Mobile Catalogs
Create Sell Sheets PDFs (soon!)

Real-time Sales Reporting

Export to PDF, XLS & CSV
Order Import (soon!)
Allocations (soon!)
Incentives (soon!)
Goals (soon!)